Study in India

With over 343 universities and 18,000 colleges offering the widest spectrum of courses. India has the second largest education system in the world.


Indian universities and institutes of higher education and research have made significant contribution in research and development in the areas ranging from biotechnology to ocean engineering. In traditional subjects like arts and humanities, pure sciences, applied physics, chemistry, and mathematics, Indian universities and institutes of higher studies have been playing a leading role.
The country has also been active in the development of space technology, production and launching of indigenous satellites and development of peaceful nuclear energy. Besides, India is also recognized the world over for its information technology talent.


All these developments and initiatives have brought the country to the forefront as a technologically advanced nation. In fact, a large number of developing countries today look at India for training and guidance to further their development initiatives.


The courses as well as professionals trained in Indian educational institutions are recognized the world over – 200 of the Fortune 500 companies regularly participate in campus placements in Indian institutions.


College / University in India

Study in usa

There are more than 3600 accredited colleges and universities in the US offering more than 900 degree programs. A wide range of programs to choose from, which means there is something available to meet everyone’s needs. At present there are more than 600,000 international students from around the world pursuing further education in the States. US is one of the world’s leading nation in industry and technology. The country is also a leader in technological advances.


US is a nation of diverse culture; 1 out of 15 people living in the US, i.e. more than 20 million people, were born elsewhere. The communities there adopt foreigners more easily as compared to other countries. Many schools have links with leading industries, business and corporate houses to help students find good work opportunities and internship. The interactive teaching and learning experience immerses students as a new person with endless opportunity. In the classroom, international students gain exposure to a variety of novel approaches and perspectives.


Outside the classroom, students interact with peers and professors from cultures distinct from their own. Often an US education is said to be a life-altering experience, allowing the student to reach a firsthand understanding of international political, social, and economic issues. In addition, studying in the US develops self-confidence, cross-cultural awareness, and receptiveness to new ideas and values.


Employers worldwide value these important assets. Of all the places international students choose to study, the number one destination is the United States. In fact, about 30 percent of all current international students in the world are studying in the United States. Several above mentioned and other uncountable features make U.S. education very popular and unique.

Study in australia

Australian universities and colleges have an excellent reputation for quality international education with several in the Top 200 Jiao Tong University Ranking. For many students, studying in Australia is about the opportunity to live a unique lifestyle – explore the natural wonders of its oceans and rainforests, enjoy weather like home and the buzz of its cosmopolitan cities.


Whatever your interest, you will find an Australian course and an Australian university or college that suits your needs. English language colleges are located in all major cities, and provide an intensive and fun language experience in an English-speaking country.


World-class research facilities and supervisors provide masters or research students in Australia with access to the very best minds and resources, in a wide range of study areas. Studying in Australia promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking – valued by employers worldwide.


College / University in Australia

Study in Thailand

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